Botkube's Custom Executor Plugin

Easy Setup of Connections Across the Cloud Tooling Space

Recognizing the vast and ever-expanding landscape of API endpoints and services accessible through Kubernetes, Botkube understands the limitless potential for integrating diverse DevOps, GitOps, and cloud tools. It acknowledges the existence of unique scenarios, like a web app running alongside a CronJob that synchronizes application telemetry to a database. Botkube addresses this complexity by not only facilitating the connection of these tools within the Kubernetes environment, but also by bringing their capabilities directly into your team's collaborative platform, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. This democratizes access to these tools, empowering the entire team to leverage their functionalities and manage the Kubernetes cluster more efficiently.

Building Custom Bots to Execute Kubernetes Commands

Botkube, already a master of Kubernetes notifications in Slack and Teams, noticed a gap: users often needed to run specific commands for their clusters directly from their chat channels. Instead of forcing them to jump between tools, Botkube embraced the need for customization. Now, users can build their own "executors" – small scripts that combine existing tools like Helm packages or, as Huseyn demonstrated, even Keptn for cluster backups. This seamless integration empowers teams to manage their Kubernetes clusters with ease and agility, all within their familiar communication platforms.

We allow custom Kubernetes resources to bridge the gap across DevOps, enabling bots to manage and monitor your deployed services like never before.

Ready to unlock your creativity? Build your own custom plugin, or share your innovative ideas for official plugins to benefit the entire Botkube community!