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Monitoring Kubernetes notifications in chat platforms

Empowering DevOps

DevOps teams have a lot on their plates.  Kubernetes troubleshooting shouldn't add to the burden.

Botkube helps lighten the load by providing notification and troubleshooting tools right in the place where you spend the most time: your collaboration platform.

You get enhanced context about problems allowing you to respond quickly. Automation allows you to automatically respond to common issues without wasting time on repetitive tasks.

Enabling Developers

Give your developers the tools they need to monitor and troubleshoot their own applications directly from a platform they use every day.

Developers aren't Kubernetes experts and operations teams are busy. Botkube gives them access, context, and support in the application troubleshooting process and frees up time for your ops teams to ensure your infrastructure is reliable.

Monitoring Kubernetes notifications in chat platforms
Monitoring Kubernetes notifications in chat platforms

Improving Reliability

Get Kubernetes monitoring up and running fast. Botkube gives you reliable Kubernetes monitoring in minutes, not days.

With powerful filtering, Botkube gets the right notifications to the right teams. Lighten their workload by automating responses to common problems. Accelerate mean time to recovery by receiving alerts, troubleshooting, and resolving issues all in the same place, the collaboration platform where you already spend much of your time.

K8s Collaborative Troubleshooting + Monitoring


Mar 21, 2024

90DaysOfDevOps - 2024 Community Edition

Join Maria, Developer Advocate for Botkube, in an insightful workshop that leverages the power of Botkube for effortless multi-cluster management in Kubernetes. In this session, we will explore three key areas:

1. Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Troubleshooting with Kubernetes

2. Creating a Collaborative and Troubleshooting-Friendly Environment with Botkube

3. Simplifying Collaborative Kubernetes Troubleshooting: Three Best Practices with the aid of Botkube

Mateusz Stostok, Botkube Backend Engineer
Maria Ashby
Developer Advocate
Kubeshop developer
Kubeshop Product manager
Kubeshop Product manager

For me, monitoring health and performance of the infrastructure in realtime was done with the help of Botkube. Botkube provided me security features such as unauthorized access attempts.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Nilesh S.

The advantages of BotKube are its versatility and efficiency in managing and monitoring Kubernetes clusters. It offers seamless integration with various messaging platforms and provides real-time alerts and notifications. Its appeal is enhanced by Its user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Aaditya S

“Perfect! When i have the repo i will write here, thank you very much for the support! I really like this project!”

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar