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BotKube logBotKube

A messaging bot for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters.

BotKube multi-cluster presentation

BotKube can be integrated with multiple messaging platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, or Mattermost to help you monitor your Kubernetes cluster(s), debug critical deployments, and get recommendations for standard practices by running checks on Kubernetes resources.

What can BotKube do?


  • BotKube watches Kubernetes resources and sends a notification to the configured channel if any event occurs, for example, an ImagePullBackOff error.
  • You can customize the objects and level of events you want to get from your Kubernetes cluster.
  • You can turn on/off notifications simply by sending a message to @BotKube
BotKube monitoring


  • BotKube can execute kubectl commands on your Kubernetes cluster without giving access to Kubeconfig or underlying infrastructure.
  • With BotKube, you can debug your deployment, services, or anything about your cluster, right from your messaging window ;)
  • BotKube can talk to multiple clusters, you just need to deploy BotKube backend in each cluster with the same token. That's it!

Run Checks

  • Some checks are built in but you can define and add additional checks for specific resources or events.
  • Filters allow you to do more things for a specific event - such as adding a new message.
BotKube run checks



The back end for the BotKube app runs in your Kubernetes cluster so you have complete control of your data and software.

Execute kubectl commands

Use the familiar Kubectl syntax, just with a new interface. You do not have to learn anything new! Plus you can configure which Kubectl commands BotKube can execute. See configuration for details.

Support for multiple interfaces

Like Slack, BotKube can also be integrated with Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Discord, ElasticSearch and outgoing webhook. See configuration syntax for details.

Supports Custom Resources

BotKube can monitor any Kubernetes resource including Custom Resources. This allows you to configure alerts on some interesting events like certificate issue/expiry if you are using cert-manager, or backup failure if you are using backup tools like Velero or Kanister.

Debug Anywhere, Anytime

With BotKube you can monitor and debug Kubernetes deployments from anywhere. Even if you are camping without a laptop, you can use Slack, Mattermost or Microsoft Teams mobile apps to get crucial information.

Easy to configure

Get notifications about things that you really care about. You can configure events, objects, and namespaces that you want to be informed about.

Deploy on any Kubernetes cluster

You can deploy the BotKube back end on any Kubernetes cluster, whether it is Minikube, cloud-managed Kubernetes, or anything in between.

Add custom filters

It is very easy to write your own filters and registering them to FilterEngine. Follow this guide to learn more.


By default BotKube uses a READONLY service account, you can customize this to meet your needs.

Open source

The BotKube back end is open source and we welcome your feedback and contributions.