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Give DevOps, SREs, and developers fast, simple, and secure access to their clusters right from your chat and collaboration platform

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Kubernetes monitoring can be quickly and easily set up to send events to collaboration platforms and other event sinks.

ChatOps Management

Users can act on events directly in the collaboration platform (including mobile apps) by sending kubectl commands to the configured Kubernetes clusters.


Monitoring and troubleshooting is done in an environment where users chat and collaborate throughout the day. They can work together, see what actions have already been taken, and perform troubleshooting tasks from any location and device that supports the collaboration app.

If you have any questions, or need any help setting up Botkube for your team we will do everything in our power to make you successful. Learn more about Botkube's FREE White Glove Service.

We want you to succeed with Botkube

Let us help you with:
  • Install Botkube in your cluster.
  • Configure sources and sinks.
  • Tune monitoring events.
  • Use kubectl commands in your cluster.
  • Create and use filters.
  • All for FREE.
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Open Source with Commercial Support

With many teams already using Botkube, we understand that each company has different API lifecycle requirements.
So for companies with the need to scale, or customized features, and training, Botkube offers Commercial Service.
We make sure that we provide you with a tailored plan that adapts and scales based on your needs.
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Preferred partner for Professional Services

Unleashing growth by helping companies adopt cloud-native technologies with their products and services.

Your extended team for all things related Cloud-Native & DevOps

Kubeshop recommends InfraCloud as our preferred professional services partner. They have modernized infrastructure of some of the world's leading organizations—from retail to real-time ad bidding platforms. Their expertise includes:
Cloud Native Consulting
Cloud Native Product Engineering
Devops Consulting
Managed Services For Kubernetes
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Dec 1, 2022
11:00 AM ET

Botkube v0.16.0 Release - Automation Features, Filtering Config

This release adds new granular filter criteria and specific commands called Actions
This release adds several new granular filter criteria (labels, annotations, resource name, event.reason, and event.message) which allow you to be even more specific when defining an event source. In addition, we've added actions! Actions are specific commands that you can configure to run automatically any time a specified event is received (based on those new filter criteria).
Mateusz Stostok, Botkube Backend Engineer
Paweł Kosiec
Software Engineer
Kubeshop developer
Mateusz Szostok
Software Engineer
Kubeshop Product manager
Blair Rampling
Product Leader
Kubeshop Product manager
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Botkube added to CNCF Landscape

BotKube can be integrated with multiple messaging platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, or Mattermost to help you monitor your Kubernetes cluster(s), debug critical deployments, and get recommendations for standard practices by running checks on Kubernetes resources.

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