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Keptn & Botkube Kubernetes Integration

Keptin is just one of the many plugins that can be added to Botkube. Botkube even offers the ability to create custom integrations! Check out this article where Huseyin shows building a plugin using Keptn.

Keptn is an open-source platform that automates and simplifies the deployment, operations, and remediation of cloud-native applications. The platform aims to provide a framework for implementing continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous operations practices for cloud-native applications. By automating the deployment and testing of applications, keptn helps to ensure consistent and reliable application deployment and updates across different environments.

Some of the key benefits of Keptn include:

  • Simplifying the management of cloud-native applications
  • Reducing the time and effort required for deployment, operations, and maintenance
  • Providing a cloud-agnostic platform that can be used to manage applications deployed on any cloud infrastructure
  • Enabling event-driven workflows and automated quality gates to ensure that applications are deployed and updated consistently and reliably
  • Supporting blue-green and canary deployments, automated scaling of applications, and integration with popular DevOps tools.

Keptn Slack Integration Through Botkube

Botkube is a powerful tool that helps to simplify some of the most challenging aspects of using Keptn for cloud-native application delivery. One of the most significant benefits of Botkube is its ability to integrate natively with popular productivity tools like Slack Channels or Teams Channel. This integration makes it easy to control permissions and receive valuable alerts from Keptn about your Kubernetes cluster directly in your productivity tools. By doing this, you can save time and streamline your workflow, ensuring that critical information is delivered promptly and efficiently.

In addition to its native integrations, Botkube also offers a web-based GUI that makes it easy to deploy Keptn into your cluster quickly. This feature ensures that deployment is both faster and audited for correctness, making it an ideal solution for organizations that want to improve their application delivery processes. With Botkube, you can also monitor the status of your applications and receive alerts if there are any issues, ensuring that you can respond to problems quickly and efficiently.