Kasten & Botkube Kubernetes Integration

Level up your Kubernetes game with the recent webinar titled "Manage Your Kubernetes Data from Anywhere," featuring Product Lead Blair Rampling from Botkube and Michael Cade & Prasad Ganghal from the Kasten team. In this engaging webinar, attendees learned valuable tips and tricks for optimizing Kubernetes backup and recovery processes and streamlining Kubernetes operations, all from experts in the field.

Kasten by Veeam is a company that specializes in Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery. Their solution is designed to help enterprise-level organizations tackle data management challenges that may arise during the operational phase of running applications on Kubernetes. Kasten K10 is their data management platform that is specifically built for Kubernetes, and it offers operations teams a secure and scalable system for tasks such as backup/restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility, with a focus on operational simplicity. Kasten is an independent Kubernetes business unit within Veeam2.

Benefits Kasten for Kubernetes:

  • It is a leader in Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery.
  • Its solution helps enterprises overcome Day 2 data management challenges to confidently run applications on Kubernetes.
  • Kasten K10 provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility with unparalleled operational simplicity.

K10 + Botkube K8s Integration

Botkube helps to make Kubernetes management with Kasten even easier by facilitating the connection between Kasten's K10 tool and productivity tools like Slack, Teams, and Mattermost. With Botkube, alerts from K10 can be delivered directly to these tools, enabling users to stay informed about their Kubernetes environment without having to leave their preferred productivity tool. Additionally, Botkube can connect to multiple productivity tools, making it a versatile solution for teams that use multiple tools.

The chatops features of Botkube bring several benefits to Kasten users. These features allow users to view alerts and run commands to troubleshoot those alerts directly from within their productivity tool, reducing the need to switch between tools and streamlining the troubleshooting process. By using chatops with Botkube, Kasten users can improve their operational efficiency and make managing their Kubernetes environment even easier.

Integration Use Case

Imagine a scenario where a website administrator wants to backup their website using Kasten's K10 on a daily basis. With Botkube's integration, the administrator can set up a Slack channel to receive successful backup alerts. This provides an easy and convenient way for the administrator to stay informed about their backups without having to constantly monitor the K10 tool.

If the backup alert fails, Botkube will notify the Slack channel immediately. If Botkube can identify a quick fix for the issue, it will suggest it along with the error message. If the fix is deemed safe and is whitelisted, anyone in the Slack channel can run the command to fix the issue without needing to access the command line. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human error. Botkube's chatops features help to streamline the backup process and make it even more efficient and hassle-free for website administrators.