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Zapier for Kubernetes: Botkube Plugins for K8s Troubleshooting

Nov 16, 2023
Maria Ashby
Maria Ashby
Developer Advocate

This office hours session is about how Botkube's plugin systems allows DevOps teams to collaboratively use and manage their cloud native tools more efficiently.

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Unlock the power of Botkube's plugin system for efficient cloud-native tool management! Think of Botkube as Zapier for Kubernetes.
The cloud-native ecosystem keeps growing, adding new tools every day. For DevOps teams, integrating these tools can be a challenge. But with Botkube, you can effortlessly handle tools like Helm and Prometheus within your communication platform. Plus, take automation to the next level with Botkube actions!

Join us for an exciting session about Botkube's plugin system and how it improves the Kubernetes troubleshooting process. In this session we will deep dive into some of Botkube's plugins including: Helm, Prometheus, and kubectl. We will also be covering Botkube actions which automate the bridge between alerts and responses, even across a variety of cloud-native tools. For DevOps focused on building infrastructure, organizing Kubernetes (K8s) operations can be daunting. We've tailored this session to make things simpler for you:

- Learn how Botkube lets you interact with Helm, Prometheus, and kubectl in Slack!

- Discover the benefits of automations with Botkube.

- Collaborative troubleshooting techniques

Special Interview

In this session, I will be interviewing Botkube's Product Lead, Blair Rampling, about Botkube's product vision and roadmap.

Who should attend?
DevOps Engineers, Software Developers, and SREs - or anyone in-between. This event is perfect for those looking to enhance their Kubernetes troubleshooting skills or explore the benefits of collaborative alerting and monitoring.

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