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Cloud App for Slack

Cloud App for Slack

The Botkube Cloud App for Slack uses Botkube Cloud services to manage channels and route executor commands. This allows multi-cluster support without a need to create a dedicated application for Slack for each cluster. Events and alerts are sent directly from your cluster to your Slack workspace for reliable, fast notifications.

Installing Botkube in Slack


A Botkube Cloud account with active subscription is required.

You can try out the Botkube Cloud App for Slack for free by creating an account in the Botkube Cloud app and starting a free trial.
NOTE: If you downgrade a paid subscription to the Free plan, you will not be able to execute Botkube commands from Slack. However, you will still receive notifications from your clusters.

Steps to get started with Botkube

You can list all the Botkube Cloud instances by typing @Botkube cloud list instances in the Slack channel or click the button List connected instances in the help command response. Besides the instance name, ID, and status in the list response, you can also click the Get details button to go to instance details on Botkube Cloud Dashboard.
Once a Botkube command is executed, it will be handled on target Kubernetes cluster specified with --cluster-name flag. However, this is an optional flag, where if you have not specified it, Botkube Cloud will select the first instance. However, you can also achieve setting default instance with command @Botkube cloud set default-instance {instance-id}.

After this point, all of your commands will be executed on the default instance. Moreover, if you want to execute a command on all the target clusters, you can use --all-clusters flag.