Botkube is Now Verified in Microsoft AppSource!

May 21, 2024
Kelly Revenaugh
Developer Relations Lead

It's official: Botkube has undergone security and compliance checks by Microsoft to become verified in the AppSource Marketplace—strengthening user experience and our partnership with Microsoft.

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Table of Contents

Start Using Botkube AI-Powered Assistant Today

Botkube listing in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace

We are happy to announce that Botkube is now a verified app in the Microsoft [AppSource Marketplace](! We are committed to delivering a secure and seamless experience for our users. This verification paves the way for even stronger collaboration with Microsoft.

## Meet Botkube: Your AI-Powered Kubernetes Assistant

If you’re new here, Botkube is an intelligent, AI-powered assistant designed to simplify and enhance your Kubernetes management experience. By seamlessly integrating with [Microsoft Teams](, Botkube enables you to monitor, debug, and manage your Kubernetes clusters directly from your Teams workspace. Our powerful assistant provides real-time alerts, remediation recommendations (and K8s manifests to fix errors!), and automated actions — all aimed at streamlining your DevOps workflows.

## What This Means for You

### Enhanced Security

Botkube has undergone rigorous security and compliance checks by Microsoft to become a verified application in the AppSource Marketplace. Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program offers assurance to organizations that their data and privacy are secured when deploying 3rd party applications. This ensures that Botkube meets the highest standards of security, giving you peace of mind as you integrate all of Botkube’s features into your workflows.

### Simplified Setup

The set up process of [Botkube for Microsoft Teams takes minutes to get started]( The verification in the Microsoft Teams AppSource Marketplace means that setting up Botkube is now easier than ever. With streamlined installation and configuration processes, you can get Botkube up and running in just a few clicks, allowing you to focus more crucial DevOps tasks and less on setup.

### Improved Efficiency

With Botkube, you can manage your Kubernetes clusters more efficiently. Receive instant notifications about critical issues, execute commands to troubleshoot problems, and get recommendations for best practices —  all without leaving Microsoft Teams. This level of integration enhances your team's collaboration and reduces the time spent switching between tools.

## Strengthened Microsoft Partnership

This verification not only validates our app's quality but also strengthens our relationship with Microsoft. As we continue to collaborate closely, you can expect more innovative features and seamless integrations that leverage the full potential of Microsoft Teams and the broader Microsoft ecosystem. Managing Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) makes more sense when combined with the power of Microsoft Teams.

## Microsoft Build Conference

If you’re attending the [Microsoft Build 2024 conference]( this week, keep an eye for our familiar logo. This year’s theme focuses on AI — creating AI-powered copilots (like our [Kubernetes CoPilot]( features to help you manage and troubleshoot Kubernetes tasks), generative AI, securing applications, and more —  emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in enhancing developer productivity and innovation. We’re excited and committed to continue to build Botkube’s AI-powered Kubernetes assistant with great partners like Microsoft.

## Botkube + Microsoft Teams

Try it for yourself! Follow our **[step-by-step tutorial](** to set up Botkube using our web app or check out our **[engineering blog](** for a deep dive about how we made the new teams app. We're excited to hear how you use Botkube.

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