Real-Time Platform Engineer Advice with Botkube's AI Assistant

Mar 6, 2024
Kelly Revenaugh
Developer Relations Lead

Imagine having K8s experts available, providing help to your team 24/7. Get real-time, data-driven insights about your Kubernetes clusters without ever leaving your chat window with AI Assistant.

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Table of Contents

Start Using Botkube AI-Powered Assistant Today

We’re thrilled to announce our newest Botkube feature, AI Assistant! This game-changing capability makes it easier than ever for teams to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues in any Kubernetes cluster. Powered by a Kubernetes-focused LLM, Botkube provides crucial visibility into Kubernetes events while empowering teams to manage these events through direct communication platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

This integration goes beyond simplifying your [Kubernetes Observability]( workflow by making troubleshooting more efficient for both experienced and beginner users.

## Designed for DevOps Teams with All Experience Levels

Whether your DevOps team is filled with seasoned K8s professionals or those that are getting started on their cloud journey, Botkube’s AI capabilities are designed to cater to the needs and skill level of every user, helping to make Kubernetes management easier for all.

For experienced teams, the AI Assistant helps simplify and centralize cluster performance optimizations. For users still getting the hang of K8s deployments, our easy-to-understand Kubernetes advice provides useful context and explanations to guide you through the otherwise complex world of Kubernetes. **_It's like having a Kubernetes expert by your side, ready to guide you through every step of troubleshooting and resolution._**

By bridging the gap between novice and experienced users, Botkube ensures that teams, regardless of their size or individual members' experience levels, can effectively manage their Kubernetes environments.

### K8s Troubleshooting for Experienced Users

Experienced K8s users benefit from having a unified interface that consolidates operational tasks. Execute advanced diagnostic commands, manage resources across multiple clusters, or set up custom alerts for specific events without leaving your chat interface. By leveraging Botkube to streamline workflows, focus is placed on optimization and scalability instead of repetitive checks and needless troubleshooting. With Botkube, seasoned DevOps professionals can:

- Quickly compare the resource utilization of pods across different namespaces’

- Set up intelligent alerts to predict and notify potential issues based on trends in logs and metrics with ease

- Manage other cluster needs all within their common chat system

- and a whole lot more

Imagine having Kubernetes experts available to you, providing help within your team’s chat platform 24/7. Get real-time, data-driven insights about your Kubernetes clusters without ever leaving your chat window.

### K8s Troubleshooting for Beginners

For novices, navigating through Kubernetes' complexity is simplified through intuitive AI-driven suggestions and commands. New users can easily understand the state of their deployments, pods, and services by using plain language queries in the chat interface — bypassing the steep learning curve associated with Kubernetes' command-line tools. For instance, instead of memorizing and typing out complex **`kubectl`** commands, a new user can simply ask  "*what is* *the status of my Kubernetes clusters in the default namespace?*" and Botkube will provide the needed information in seconds without having to switch interfaces.

## Troubleshoot Kubernetes Errors in Seconds

Integrating AI into Botkube revolutionizes the way users interact with Kubernetes environments, making the debugging and management of Kubernetes clusters more intuitive and efficient.

Through the 'AI Help' button, users can now execute commands like **`kubectl get pods`** to fetch logs or **`kubectl describe deployment`** for detailed insights into specific resources from Slack or Microsoft Teams. For example, suppose you encounter an error with a deployment. In this case, you can quickly gather logs for a pod in a failing state or retrieve configurations that might be causing issues, such as resource limits or image pull errors.

In addition, Botkube's AI Assistant can intelligently suggest actions based on the context of the issue. For instance, if there's a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) issue, you can fetch the status of the PVC and other related events, providing a holistic view helping to diagnose binding problems or storage class misconfigurations. Botkube also gathers information on network policies and ingress rules that might be affecting service connectivity, streamlining what traditionally would have involved multiple steps and commands into a seamless, single-click operation.

Plain and simple: Botkube makes complex tasks more manageable by streamlining k8s troubleshooting tasks and providing valuable help and context to DevOps professionals of all knowledge levels. Botkube offers a centralized, easy-to-use interface for troubleshooting, that saves time and empowers users to manage Kubernetes environments more efficiently.

## Kubernetes Expertise Directly in Your Chat Platform

Navigating the vast world of K8s error messages is, at times, daunting. We’ve all wondered “what does `PodCrashExitCode` *actually* mean?” Now, you can leverage the power of Botkube to resolve issues. From general questions about Kubernetes to environment-specific questions like asking for help to identify pods in a default namespace, Botkube makes centralized troubleshooting a reality.

Once Botkube is connected to your K8s environment, you can prompt questions or commands such as “*What apps are deployed in my cluster?*” or “*Show me the logs for all of my failing pods across all namespaces*” using the `@botkube ai` command. You can also utilize the`Ask AI` button attached to error notifications that are displayed by Botkube.

## Get Started with AIOps for Kubernetes

Getting started with our AI Assistant is straightforward and easy. Available out-of-the-box with every Botkube Cloud instance, existing users who upgrade to the latest version will find integrating the AI Assistant into their workflow intuitive. **New users can [quickly set up Botkube]( and start benefiting from AI-driven Kubernetes management in minutes.**

If you are using the OSS version of Botkube, check out [our migration tutorial]( to move your set up to Botkube Cloud in minutes and start taking advantage of all the latest features.

Botkube’s AI Assistant is more than a feature — it’s the Platform Engineer you wish you had by your side 24/7.

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