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Start Troubleshooting K8s Faster with Botkube’s Latest Improvements

May 15, 2024
Blair Rampling
Product Leader

Learn about the latest v1.11 release, including an update to the AI-powered Botkube Assistant to view current environment configurations, set-up tasks, and more.

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Table of Contents

Start Using Botkube AI Assistant Today!

Start Using Botkube AI Assistant Today!

Botkube just became smarter! With our latest v1.11 release, Botkube becomes self-aware, requiring less upfront knowledge of specific Botkube commands or your configuration settings. With help from the Botkube Assistant, new and existing users can get up to speed quickly, minimizing time scrolling through help commands or Botkube documentation.

## What is Botkube?

If you’re new here, Botkube, the AI-powered Kubernetes assistant, helps DevOps and SRE teams manage and interact with Kubernetes, relieving them from the menial everyday troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Through an intelligent, interactive interface within chat platforms like [Slack or Microsoft Teams](http://botkube.io/integrations), Botkube simplifies troubleshooting and managing Kubernetes clusters, making it easier than ever to diagnose and resolve issues.

## View Your Configuration Details in Seconds

In addition to monitoring alerts and troubleshooting guidance, the latest version of Botkube now includes the ability to retrieve your instance’s configuration details within your chat platform. Installation only takes minutes to set up (check out our [getting started guide](https://docs.botkube.io/examples-and-tutorials/getstarted)!), and authorized team members can now view configuration settings outside of the [Botkube Dashboard](http://app.botkube.io). To get started, here are some questions you can ask about your environment:

- *@botkube ai what sources are configured for the #sre channel?*

- *@botkube ai what k8s alerts are currently configured on my cluster?*

- *@botkube ai which Slack channels are used by Botkube?*

## Botkube Assistant: Empowering Users From the Start

Botkube is a powerful troubleshooting workhorse, yet fully taking advantage of all of its features takes experience. Another addition in v1.11 is the ability to reference Botkube documentation directly within the chat interface. Instead of toggling between multiple windows or interrupting your workflow to search through documentation, ask Botkube directly about how to set up certain tasks. You’ll be able to ask Botkube specific questions around set-up configurations to get started quicker and easier than ever before. Some examples:

- *@botkube how to I enable the Prometheus integration on my cluster?*

- *@botkube how do I configure watching scaling events?*

- *@botkube how do I restrict Botkube to only one namespace?*

## What’s next for Botkube?

- **PagerDuty Integration**: We’ll be launching integration to escalate tickets into existing incident management tools like PagerDuty directly from Botkube. Teams will be able to set up automations based on [event notifications](https://docs.botkube.io/usage/automated-actions) to streamline incident management based on severity and defined playbooks.

- **Easier Microsoft Teams & Slack installations**: Get set up with Botkube for Microsoft Teams and Slack with just a few clicks! Although the current installation process is straight-forward, users will be able to install Botkube directly from the verified app marketplace.

- **Advanced Fault Finding**: Botkube becomes more intelligent with every release. Users will be able to check liveliness probes of pods, receive alerts about nearing resource limits, and more — preventing incidents and errors *before* they happen.

## Try the Latest Version of Botkube Today

To give the latest features a try, upgrade your Botkube instance to v1.11 or sign up for a free account today. Use the botkube ai command for real-time, context-aware troubleshooting help—transforming Kubernetes management into an intuitive, efficient process. Once you get Botkube up and running, sign-up 30-Day Free Trial for the Team tier to access 10,000 AI tokens, multi-cluster support, and much more.