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About Us

Designed to Connect the Cloud Native Landscape into your Chat Channel

Started in 2019 Reimagined in 2022

Botkube began as a tool forged in the fires of necessity.

The Infracloud team, faced with daily challenges of troubleshooting client Kubernetes clusters, dreamt of a solution that streamlined the process and empowered collaboration. This vision led to the birth of Botkube, a messaging bot designed to simplify cluster monitoring, debug deployments, and offer invaluable insights through automated checks.

As Botkube gained traction and the community rallied behind its potential, the Kubeshop accelerator saw a kindred spirit.


In 2021, Botkube joined the ranks of other innovative Kubernetes tools like Testkube, marking the dawn of a new era where collaboration and development drive the future of cluster management.

Now, Botkube stands poised to revolutionize the way we interact with Kubernetes, fueled by the passion of its creators and the unwavering support of its community.

Botkube is one of the three commercial products from Kubeshop, a first of its kind open source incubator and accelerator, focused on the challenges of Kubernetes and the cloud native ecosystem.

Benefits of Joining Kubeshop

Joining the Kubeshop accelerator proved a boon for Botkube, offering a potent blend of sharedresources and collaboration with industry leaders.

Access to cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise facilitated rapid development, while close proximity to other top Kubernetes tools fostered cross-pollination of ideas and a vibrant collaborative spirit. The biggest draw, however, was the Kubeshop team's wealth of experience.

Working alongside seasoned veterans like Ole Lensmar—the CTO, and mastermind behind SOAP UI—provided invaluable mentorship and guidance, propelling Botkube's growth.

Additionally, the accelerator enabled Botkube to bolster its own team with seasoned professionals like  the product lead, Blair Rampling. His enterprise expertise honed at Red Hat proved instrumental in shaping Botkube for the big leagues.

We believe

At Botkube, we envision a future where Kubernetes, GitOps, and Chat tools combine to create a seamless developer self-service portal. This portal empowers every team member, regardless of technical background, to interact with the Kubernetes cluster effortlessly.

How do we do this?

Botkube combines the most useful DevOps tools and connects them to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Discord to give everyone an easy user experience when interacting with the shared Kubernetes cluster in a chatops manner.

Started with Slack, now we're here

Easy connection to the most popular productivity tools:

Executors for the most popular cluster maintenance: Kubectl, Helm, Argo CD, Flux...

Recent & Upcoming Events


90DaysOfDevOps - 2024 Community Edition

March 21, 2024

Join Maria, Developer Advocate for Botkube, in an insightful workshop that leverages the power of Botkube for effortless multi-cluster management in Kubernetes. In this session, we will explore three key areas:

1. Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Troubleshooting with Kubernetes

2. Creating a Collaborative and Troubleshooting-Friendly Environment with Botkube

3. Simplifying Collaborative Kubernetes Troubleshooting: Three Best Practices with the aid of Botkube


Developer Week 2024

February 21, 2024

Each year, 8,000+ developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers, and executives from 70+ countries gather for DeveloperWeek to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools.

Botkube DevRel, Maria Ashby, will present "Unlocking K8s Troubleshooting Best Practices with Botkube." See you there...


Office Hours: 5 Essential Kubernetes Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tasks to Automate

February 1, 2024

Join us for an office hours session where we'll explore five ways for DevOps teams to automate common Kubernetes tasks to save time each week.This session is useful and informative for those new to Kubernetes or those with years of K8s experience under their belt. We'll talk through:

- Real-time Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus

- Resource Scaling

- Kubernetes Log Management

- GitOps Workflows

- K8s Configuration Management